Wednesday 25 March 2020


Hello everyone


Please note and take advantage of our social media platforms.   We will endeavour to put out our updates on all platforms possible.   We will be looking to Live Stream a Sunday morning service each Sunday on Facebook.   Also I will be placing an encouraging 'Word' on the website on a regular basis.   


Remember to reach out and keep in touch with each other.    If you are struggling with a sense of isolation, loneliness or anxiety please reach out and let us or someone near know.   We will stand with you.   Remember we need each other.   Don't try and do it on your own.   


Above all, know that the Lord is with you.

With our love

Pastors Bill and Heather 

Friday 20 March 2020

Hello my dear church family and friends


What unusual days we live in, yet not unusual according to God’s perspective.    Our trust is in the Lord.  In the midst of times of great pressure God has ordained for us to live ‘at such a time as this’.    This is the time for our light to shine before men and for the love of God to be manifest through us His church, to a lost, dying, desperate and fearful world.


The Government has introduced many measures during this time.  We are looking to follow their lead and implement all of the practices that are required for reducing the risk of spread of COVID 19.     We have increased our cleaning and hygiene regimes and will be practicing the non -  handshake, hugging and kissing protocol. 


In relation to our Sunday services we plan to proceed as long as we are permitted to do so.  This Sunday we will be taking time to gather and/or update our church family contact details.  We will  also be asking if church members would be happy to open their homes to Host or Lead small groups should we be unable to meet as a ‘whole’ for a period of time in the future.  


We are in the process of establishing a communication APP (called Slack) and Facebook page for the church so we can also keep in regular contact.


It is important as Believers that our faith is active in trusting the Lord, while at the same time recognising that many will be genuinely concerned and fearful of getting sick and are panicked by the current events.   We must be mindful and compassionate toward others and not cause them to stumble even though we have faith.  


Please let me encourage you to be in regular contact with other church members – being sensitive to each ones needs and being generous in supplying to each other as there is need.   Recall the early church spirit.  Those who had gave generously and those who lacked received – that every need was met.   We are our brother’s keeper.   Let me also encourage you to be faithful in your church giving so that we can continue to provide bread from the storehouse and meet needs.


I have every confidence in you that God’s Word is richly deposited in your hearts and that you will be led by the Spirit of God, act in great wisdom and fulfil your ministry as God’s Ambassadors – reconciling men to God.


I believe it will be important to have a safe place to come to and will look to have the church building open regularly for people to pop in, have a coffee, and to receive prayer and encouragement.  We will post opening times and activities as we settle on them.


Finally my brethren be steadfast immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord – knowing that your labour in Him is not in vain. (1 Corinthians 15:58)


I am persuaded that God in you is more than enough.  I am extremely proud of you and your choice to follow Jesus fully.  It is time for the theory to be put into practice – as with Esther, “For such a time as this”. 


I love you and call you blessed


Pastor Bill Nott

Liberty Life COVID-19 update from Pastor Bill Nott

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