Don't Put Eternal Life Off

One day, like everyone before you,  

             you will

        draw your final breath...



When you do, whatever condition your heart is in will determine where you spend eternity.  Heaven and hell are real places.  When you die, you don’t cease to exist, you just move location. Jesus put it this way:


         For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that    

         whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting

         life.       John 3:16


You may have your life planned out, but the truth is you don’t know when you will draw your last breath.  Don’t put off eternity for a moment longer.  Jesus was sent by God to take away the sins of all men, so they might receive eternal life.


Why not believe on Jesus right now, and be sure you have eternal life?



Pray this Prayer...

     to receive Jesus as your

              Lord and Saviour...



Dear God,

Today I have heard that You love me, that You sent Jesus to die for me and that it is for me to choose life. I repent and turn my life toward You.

 I now receive Jesus as my Lord and Saviour; I believe He died for my sin to make the way for me to receive eternal life.  God, I believe You raised Jesus from the dead and, with this prayer, I declare my faith in You.  By believing I am born again, forgiven and welcomed into the family of God.  Fill me with the Holy Spirit so my life may be lived in victory for Your glory.  Thank you for loving me –




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