Luke 23:42-43 - He said to Jesus - Lord, remember me.....Jesus said - today you will be with me in paradise.

"Lord remember me"  Three words that this man spoke to Jesus released the mercy and grace of God into his life and enabled him to received eternal life.   My question is "How easy was that?"   

This man had no time or opportunity to do anything to make himself more ready, acceptable or derserving of eternal life.   He had no ability to demonstrate 'I will change' or 'I have changed'.  He had been judged and condemned to die - a convicted criminal.  He acknowledged he was deserving of the punishment he was receiving, yet three words to Jesus - 'Lord, remember me' - was a sufficient expression of faith to access God's grace. 

Don't get trapped into thinking that God will only hear you when you 'get your act together'.    Simply call upon Him, acknowledge Him and ask for what you have need of - then thankfully receive your need met.


Bill Nott


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